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Helpful products

Large Calendar Clock

A well-placed clock-calendar keeps a person with dementia oriented and in the present.

Adaptive Utensils

This set of adaptive kitchen utensils support those with hand tremors, Parkinson’s, dementia, or arthritis.

Foam Tubing Grips

You can add these foam grips to utensils, pens, toothbrushes, razors, etc. to improve grip support for those with Parkinson's, dementia, and tremors.

Glow in the Dark Tape

Glow in the dark tape is suitable for illuminating stairs, hand rails, doorways and light switches to help with orientation in the dark. Ideal for people with dementia.

Safe Straw for Thin Liquds

This straw delivers a small sip, sometimes eliminating aspiration.

Safe Straw for Nectar Thick Liquids

This straw delivers a small sip, sometimes eliminating aspiration.

Automatic Drinking Bottle

A push button on the bottle engages a medical grade micro-pump, which delivers various types of  liquids (e.g. water, meal shakes, etc.) up the straw and into the users mouth. This is can be helpful for geriatric adults, people with Parkinsons, Dysphagia, ALS, etc.

Nosey Cup for Chin Tuck

This cup has a cut out that allows the user to perform a chin tuck while drinking from the cup.

Simply Thick Large Pump

SimplyThick EasyMix bottle and pump is designed for thickening beverages and foods for people on a dysphagia diet.

Clothing Protector

Washable, waterproof apron set to help keep meal times clean.


The sloped surface with an edge helps guide food onto eating utensils. The suction on the bottom keeps the plate from sliding away. This produce promotes independence and allows for less clean-up. Great for people with dementia, tremors, Parkinson's, ALS, etc.

Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainer

The EMST 150 is an expiratory muscle strength trainer designed to improve muscle strength for breathing, cough strength, and swallow function. It is recommend you only complete this training under the supervision of a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel

Phazix helps lubricate pills, tablets and capsules and may help individuals swallow pills with less effort.


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